EnRoute release v0.8.0


EnRoute is upgraded to work with v1.19.0 of Envoy Proxy

  • Use new filter names (b134321), (b409b0f)
  • Upgrade Rate-Limit APIs to v3 (4783337)
  • Upgrade API version from v1beta1 to v1 (94fd137)
  • Upgrade ubuntu:groovy-20210325.1 -> ubuntu:groovy-20210614 (63fb8aa)
  • Upgrade golang to 1.15, Upgrade go-control-plane v0.9.8 -> v0.9.9, Upgrade k8s.io/api from v0.17.0 -> v0.21.0, Upgrade k8s.io/client-go from v0.17.0 -> v0.21.0, Upgrade code-generator remotes/origin/release-1.15 -> remotes/origin/release-1.18 (5cb43a6)

Reduce Ingress Image Size

EnRoute Gateway supports both running as Kubernetes Ingres and Docker Gateway. There was a single image (enroute-gw) that is used for both the deployments. This image includes a lot of additional libraries that are not necessary for Ingress. To reduce the size of Ingress image, a new image enroute-gwi is created for Ingress deployment. This makes the image lighweight and smaller in size.

Helm Chart Flags

Creation of GlobalConfig and ChallengeService can be disabled by using these new booleans defined in the helm chart.

  • Add default HTTP health check in helm chart (e8e622c)(6379da4)

Useful Links

Github Release Page
Getting Started
Reference Docs



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